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The Orchid Digest has delivered incredible orchid information for over 80 years! Articles take you on travels to exotic orchid habitats, include culture information to help you grow your plants to be their very best, introduce new species, provide annotated checklists of orchid genera, and even short stories! When you join the Orchid Digest (a 501(c)3), you become a member of a group dedicated to furthering orchid education and conservation. Your membership directly supports the publication of the journal which is widely respected by orchid growers and botanists around the world.  It is now available in print and with digital access. As one of our subscribers put it: “the Orchid Digest is a great organization with great people and a great publication for a great price” Please, join us!

Benefits of Membership

  • Quarterly issues with the year-end special issue focused on a specific orchid genus or topic
  • Members’ Section of the website offering extensive culture information
  • Digitally access the current and past year’s issues
  • Free Webinars
  • Speakers Day with discounted registration fees
  • Paphiopedilum Guild annual meeting with discounted registration fees
  • Advance notice and an opportunity for early registration for the Orchid Digest sponsored travel experiences and events
  • And more

Benefits for Orchid Society Membership

  • Quarterly issues with a special year-end issue focused on a specific orchid genus or topic
  • Free Webinars to use as society meeting programs
  • Orchid Digest Show Trophy for your shows are available for purchase
  • Orchid Digest Diamond Award for honoring your deserving members are available for purchase

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