Volume 87-3 (2023)

  • Northern Madagascar – Where the Dry Forest Meets the Wet by Phillip Cribb
  • Paphiopedilum Insigne ‘Mantas’, An Exceptional Clone from Madeira by Olaf Gruss
  • Magnificent Masdevallias of Peru, Masdevallia Gloriosa and its Questionable Cousin by Stig Dalström
  • A More or Less Blue Orchid by Roland Schettler
  • The 65th Orchid Digest Paphiopedilum Guild Meeting by Cindy Coty
  • Paph Forum 2023 by Tim Culbertson
  • Cultivating Specimen-Sized Slipper Orchids and Keeping Them That Way by Brandon Tam
  • Recently Awarded Orchids by Sandra Svoboda
  • What’s Happening in Hybrid Registration by Sandra Svoboda
  • How George and Matilda Came To Be by Harold Koopowitz
  • What’s in Bloom at the Huntington by Brandon Tam


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