The Cymbidium Issue Volume 85-4 (2021)

  • An Annotated Checklist of Cymbidium Species by Phillip Cribb
  • Unexpected Variation in Well-Known and Novel Cymbidium Species in China by Phillip Cribb
  • Cymbidium Munronianum Discovered in Vietnam by Hoang Tuan Nguyen, Nguyen Van Canh, and Olaf Gruss
  • The Cymbidium Species Collection at the Huntington by Brandon Tam
  • Cymbidium Alexanderi by Randall Robinson
  • Thoughts on the Closely Related Cymbidium seidenfadenii and Cymbidium insigne by Phillip Cribb
  • Duckitt Nurseries by Harold Koopowitz
  • Spotted Cymbidiums and Loren Batchman from Orchid Digest articles by Loren Batchman
  • Blooming At The Huntington by Brandon Tam
  • Cymbidium Culture from Orchid Digest articles by Ernest Hetherington


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