Show Trophy

The Orchid Digest Show Trophy

The Orchid Digest Show Trophy shall be given to recognize artistry and innovation in orchid display design and presentation. It rewards and encourages the growing of high flower quality and orchid culture excellence. Educational value and rarity of plant materials may also be rewarded.

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RULES: The Trophy may be given at any sanctioned show.

  1. The Orchid Digest Trophy shall be given to only one exhibit at each show.
  2. The trophy shall be awarded by a team consisting of a minimum of three judges, accredited when possible.
  3. The trophy shall be awarded to one non-commercial exhibit (as defined by show schedule).
  4. The exhibit shall display the highest levels of:
    • Artistry, taste, and innovation in design and presentation
    • Flower quality: The definition of “high flower quality” is to be taken from the AOS judging forms for species and hybrids.
    • Cultural excellence
  5. Judges may also consider the exhibit’s educational value and the rarity of the plant materials.

It shall not be presumed that this trophy will be awarded at every show at which it is available, but that it will be awarded only to exhibits of high quality.

Information required for an award to be posted: (Send information to

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  • Sponsoring Society
  • Name of winner
  • Winner e-mail:
  • Attach a high-resolution photo of the display awarded if you wish it to accompany the information posted on the Orchid Digest Website.

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Photographer Eric Hunt
Photographer Eric Hunt
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