Ernest Hetherington Award Winners

The Ernest Hetherington Orchid Digest Medal of Honor Recipients


Jim Folsom for his services as a friend of the Orchid Digest and the director of the Huntington Botanical Gardens since 1987. He oversees the 12 thematic gardens as well as the orchid collection.


Roy Tokunaga for his contributions as an extraordinary orchid hybridizer for more than 40 years.


Peter Tobias, Director and Board President of the Orchid Conservation Alliance for his leadership in the field of orchid conservation.


Carol Siegel for her many incredible contributions as an author for the Orchid Digest as well as a teacher and lecturer.


Carol Woodin for her contributions to botanical art with an emphasis on orchids and her service as a teacher.


Gene Crocker for his contributions to orchid hybridizing and as an lecturer.


Simone and Alf Friend for extraordinary service for many years to the Orchid Digest.


Alec Pridgeon for his services as an editor of the American Orchid Society publications ORCHIDS, and the founding editor of Lindleyana, lecturer, and author of important works including the Genera Orchidacearum.


David Banks for his service as editor of the Australian Orchid Review and author, lecturer, and contributions as a biologist.


Mark Chase for his work as a taxonomic botanist on the Molecular Systematics, Jodrell Lab, the Royal Botanic Garden KEW.


Harold Koopowitz for his contributions in hybridizing, lecturing, and author.


Norito Hasegawa extraordinary orchid hybridizer, commercial grower, and lecturer for his contributions to the orchid world.


Henry Oakley as author and lecturer, for his contributions to the field of orchids.


James Watson for his service as the editor of the American Orchid Society publication “ORCHIDS” magazine.


Joyce Stewart, botanist, lecturer, author and first Royal Botanic Garden KEW Sainsbury Orchid Fellow.


Lou Menezes for contributions as an author and service as the head of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (IBAMA).


Phillip Cribb for his work as a taxonomic botanist and curator of the Herbarium at KEW and as an author and lecturer.


Steve Gollis for his service as president of the Orchid Digest Corporation and extraordinary talents as the graphics editor for the Orchid Digest.


Ernest Hetherington was awarded a second medal for his continued contributions to the orchid world and his service to the Orchid Digest.


Rebecca Northen, well-known writer and educator, for her contributions as an orchidist, biologist, and author of several books and articles including the standard reference for orchid hobbyists, “Home Orchid Growing.”


Dr. Carl Withner for his contributions as a lecturer, orchid judge, taxonomic botanist describing 11 species, and author of “The Cattleyas and Their Relatives” in six volumes.


Ben Kodama, a pioneer in the commercial orchid industry in the Hawaiian Islands, lecturer, and chair of the Second World Orchid Conference.


Fordyce and Trudi Marsh for their contributions as lecturers, and their services as staff members of the Orchid Digest.


Eric Young, the creator of the Eric Young Foundation and his contributions to the development of new orchid hybrids of excellence.


Dr. Jack A. Fowlie for his contributions as orchid collector, writer, lecturer, and for his service for twelve years as the editor of the Orchid Digest.


William Eilau for his service as the president of the Orchid Digest, Trustee of the American Orchid Society, and an organizer of the World Orchid Conference in Long Beach.


Herb Hager for his pioneer work in orchid hybridizing, and education through his lecturing and writing.


Reverend Masao Yamada for his pioneering efforts in establishing the commercial orchid industry in Hawaii after World War II.


Ernest Hetherington, a pioneer in the field of orchids, for his contributions in establishing the American Orchid Society Judging System, and lecturer extrodinare.


Hugo Freed for his service as a columnist for the Orchid Digest.


Gordon Dillon for originating the idea of the World Orchid Conferences.


Joseph Hampton awarded posthumously for his discovery of and refining techniques for controlling the flowering period in cattleyas.


Sanders Orchid Nursery of England and Belgium for their contributions to the orchid world for over three generations.


Lester McDonald awarded posthumously for his contributions as a commercial orchidist at McLellan’s Nursery and for his service as the Secretary of the Orchid Digest.


G. Alexander for his work as a hybridizer with over 528 orchids registered.


Dr. L. F. Hawkinson for his service as a columnist for the Orchid Digest.


O. Bracey for his contributions as superintendent of Armacost & Roysten and the managing Director of B. O. Bracy Company.


Robert Casamajor for his contributions as an orchidist and the Editor of the Cymbidium News.

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