Cymbidium insigne

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The Orchid Digest Front Cover 85-4

Cymbidium insigne Rolfe, Gard. Chron., ser. 3, 35: 387 (1904)

Cymbidium insigne is found in southern and central Vietnam throughout most of this mountainous region, particularly the Lang Bian Mountains near Dalat. Seidenfaden (1993) also reported collections from near Chapa in extreme northern Vietnam near the border with China. Plants also occur in the Loei region of northeast Thailand and on Hainan Island, just off the coast of southern China and northern Vietnam. Plants grow in sandy soils of open woodlands at 2,450 to 5,600 feet (750 to 1,700 meters). In Thailand, Cymbidium insigne is found at higher elevations, usually about 4,000 to 5,000 feet (1,220 to 1,520 meters). It blooms in the fall through spring with many flowers. It can have as many as 27 flowers.

To grow Cymbidium insigne, the light should be somewhat filtered or diffused, and strong air movement should be provided at all times. Summer temperatures average around 76oF (24oC) during the day at night 61oF (9oC). Water often when actively growing and gradually frequency after the new growths have matured in the autumn but should never stay completely dry for long periods. The media would drain quickly, so it does not become stale or soggy. Plants should usually be repotted every two years and done in late winter when the new root growth begins. Handle the new roots carefully. They are brittle and can break easily.

Cymbidium insigne has 129 first-generation offspring (a cross directly with insigne) and 16,708 progeny (where insigne is in the background).

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