Affiliated Societies

Affiliated Societies Description And Benefits

To be an affiliate with the Orchid Digest, the only requirement is to have a membership in the name of your society.

Benefits of Affiliation:

  1. The Orchid Digest published quarterly.
  2. Your society will be listed on the Affiliated Societies page of the Orchid Digest website with a link to your society’s website or Facebook page.
  3. Orchid Digest Diamond Trophy, available for purchase, is available to annually honor one of your members for service and dedication to your society.
  4. The Orchid Digest Show trophy, available for purchase, for any Orchid Digest Affiliated Society sanctioned show.
  5. Webinars by noted speakers are available at no cost to use as a program at your society meeting.
  6. Programs with speakers:
    • Distinguished Speaker Lecture Day at the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens
    • The Paphiopedilum Guild Annual Meeting

The Diamond Award and Orchid Digest Show Trophy can be ordered online in our shop.

Information required for affiliation:

  1. Official address
  2. Phone number
  3. E-mail.
  4. Website or Facebook URL

If you have any questions about affiliation, please contact Karen Muir at:

Masdevallia ova-avis Photographer Eric Hunt
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