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The Orchid Digest has delivered incredible orchid information for over 80 years! Articles take you on travels to exotic orchid habitats, include culture information to help you grow your plants to be their very best, introduce new species, provide annotated checklists of orchid genera, and even short stories! When you join the Orchid Digest (a 501(c)3), you become a member of a group dedicated to furthering orchid education and conservation.

Our Goals

  • Encourage education and enthusiasm for growing orchids by providing informative articles and educational opportunities.
  • Be responsive to and increase member satisfaction.
  • Support Affiliated Societies.
  • Recognize exemplary service in the field of orchidology.

Founded in 1937, The Orchid Digest Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting education and appreciation for orchids for the amateur and professional grower and the general public. It is committed to continuing its long history of excellence and providing a unique publication that will be embraced by current and future readers. To that end, it publishes a quarterly magazine with a mix of topics authored by extremely qualified contributing authors, including international experts, and amazing images by top orchid photographers. The Orchid Digest publishes a year-end issue devoted to an in-depth, single, consideration of an orchid topic.

Orchid Societies are invited to become Affiliated Members of the Orchid Digest. The Orchid Digest provides webinars on different topics available to members and Affiliated Societies. The Orchid Digest Diamond Award–a glass diamond-shaped paperweight in a gift box–is available to the Affiliated Societies to give to honor a special society member. The recipients of the Diamond Awards are recognized in the Digest and on the Orchid Digest website and Facebook.

The Orchid Digest also publishes books and currently organizes two seminars each year. It sponsors the Paphiopedilum Guild focused on slipper orchids, and the annual Speakers’ Day covering different topics.

From time to time, the Ernest Hetherington Orchid Digest Medal is given to individuals in recognition of their meritorious service to the field of orchids.

Calopogon tuberosus Photographer: Ron Parsons
Calopogon tuberosus Photographer: Ron Parsons
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